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After An Accident | Video Transcript

[GRAPHIC: Rapoport Weisberg & Sims P.C., 312-445-9160, 20 North Clark Street, Suite 3500, Chicago, IL 60602]

DAVID E. RAPOPORT: You’re asking what you should and shouldn’t do after an accident. Let me explain some of the most important basics. First, you should take care of your medical condition by getting excellent care.

[GRAPHIC: Seek medical attention, but make sure evidence is being preserved]

DAVID E. RAPOPORT: While you’re in the emergency room, somebody should be preserving the evidence. That might be the difference between winning and losing a case later.

[GRAPHIC: Get police involved as soon as possible]

DAVID E. RAPOPORT: Second, there’s a need to get the police involved. It’s appropriate to talk to the police about what you remember happening. It’s appropriate to make sure that the police talk to the other party about what happened. Some of the things you should not do: Don’t talk to the other side’s insurance company.

[GRAPHIC: Do not talk to other side’s insurance company]

DAVID E. RAPOPORT: When injured people decide to talk to the other side’s insurance company, it’s like hanging out with the enemy. And the reason that they’re the enemy is that the company that the insurance adjuster works for profits by either unfairly denying the claim or underpaying it.

[GRAPHIC: Do not underestimate your injuries]

DAVID E. RAPOPORT: Third, don’t comment about how “I feel fine,” because oftentimes the consequences of injuries don’t ripen for a while. So staying quiet about that is a better strategy.

[GRAPHIC: Rapoport Weisberg & Sims P.C. Get answers today! 312-445-9160, 877-216-4213,, 20 North Clark Street, Suite 3500, Chicago, IL 60602]