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Personal Attention And Care After Bus Accidents

At Rapoport Weisberg & Sims P.C. our attorneys represent individuals who have been seriously injured or killed in bus accidents. Our mission is to obtain maximum compensation to cover the victim’s and family’s financial needs as they move forward.

Our law firm focuses on cases involving catastrophic injuries or death. We use a team approach and limit our caseload to ensure that every matter is given the attention it deserves.

We work closely with accident reconstruction experts, vocational specialists and others to present a clear and compelling case for obtaining the compensation our clients deserve. A serious accident is a tragic and terrifying event. We help our clients get through difficult situations by providing the compassion, attention and service they need.

You Have Rights In Any Accident Case

Injuries can be caused by accidents such as:

  • Metra accidents
  • Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) accidents
  • School bus crashes
  • Airport shuttle accidents

Bus passengers are at particular risk for injury in a collision. Due to the lack of safety equipment and the weight of buses, a crash poses a significant injury risk even at slow speeds. We have assisted clients who suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI), burns, multiple fractures, spinal cord injuries and paralysis. We have also helped family members pursue justice in wrongful death cases if they have lost loved ones in accidents.

We Stand Up To Government Entities

Many buses are operated by government and quasi-government agencies. A personal injury case against a public agency is different from a claim against an individual or private company. We have the resources and experience to pursue bus accident claims and prevail for our clients. Our attorneys know the laws and safety regulations that apply in bus accident cases.

To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us online or call 877-216-4213 to schedule a free initial consultation. We work throughout the Chicago area and all of Illinois.