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The Unique Dangers Of T-Bone Accidents

When a driver fails to yield, runs a red light or ignores a stop sign, the result can be a collision into the side of your vehicle. T-bone car accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries or death.

Many safety devices are more effective in head-on and rear-end collisions than they are in broadside accidents. Vehicles in T-bone accidents are more likely to roll over or strike other vehicles or structures after a serious collision. Emergency workers may have more difficulty getting to the victims of a T-bone accident. Finally, because many T-bone accidents occur at intersections, the likelihood of pedestrians suffering serious injury or death rises as well.

At Rapoport Weisberg & Sims P.C. our lawyers have extensive experience handling catastrophic injury cases and claims involving fatal accidents. We offer the personal attention, resources and aggressive advocacy our clients need to get the compensation they deserve.

We Understand Your Worries About Filing A Claim

Obtaining justice in court is not a simple matter. After a serious injury or the death of a loved one, the thought of going through litigation to get what you deserve can be daunting. Our firm focuses on providing customized representation and personal attention to ensure that every client is treated with care and compassion. When a negligent driver has harmed you or your family, that driver should be held accountable. We can analyze your case and help you obtain full compensation for the harm you have suffered.

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