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Guiding Families After Aviation Accidents

Survivors and the families of those killed in airplane crashes are often unaware that hiring an attorney is an important step in receiving maximum compensation. In the aftermath of a plane crash, affected individuals are often confused, anxious and uncertain of what they should do. They often trust the family care teams provided by the airline for information, advice and support.

Why Hire An Aviation Negligence Lawyer?

While the individual members of the airlines’ family care teams are often sincere in their desire to help, there are several drawbacks to relying solely on these airline employees.

The biggest drawback is that the family care teams receive their direction and information from the airline — the same company that may be held liable for the crash in the future. Family care team members are not supposed to discuss legal matters with the families, so they are unable to provide individuals with a full range of options. People with the right legal knowledge who do not work for the airline are better equipped to help people understand their rights after a commercial airline accident.

While appropriate federal laws prohibit lawyers from making uninvited contact with crash victims and their families in the immediate aftermath of a crash, family members should know they are free to contact qualified counsel for help whenever they want to, including immediately after the crash. No law is meant to discourage crash victims and their families from promptly protecting their legal rights.

Experience Helping Families In Your Situation

At Rapoport Weisberg & Sims P.C. our attorneys are known for handling commercial aviation accident cases. In fact, our firm has represented victims of many of the major commercial airplane crashes in the past 20 years. As with any personal injury case, individuals who retain legal counsel after a plane crash usually receive greater awards, whether the case is tried to verdict or settled before trial.

Our years of experience with aviation matters, coupled with our ability to build strong cases, have allowed us to obtain significant compensation for clients, whether they were injured or lost loved ones in plane crashes. Contact us today for a free consultation. Call 312-445-9160.

Common Causes Of Aviation Accidents

Commercial airline crashes are most frequently the result of:

  • Pilot error
  • Poor airline management
  • Mechanical failure due to improper maintenance
  • Mechanical failure due to manufacturing defects
  • Mechanical failure due to defective design
  • Air traffic control error
  • Sabotage

Maximizing Your Recovery, Helping You Heal

Our goal in all airline cases is to maximize our clients’ recovery and to help them get on the path to healing. Both can take a long time. Our legal team is available to clients throughout the process, explaining the legal process and updating them often on the progress of the case. While the case is moving forward, we make sure our clients have the resources they need such as counseling, job training and medical treatment.

For information about our commercial airline accident lawyers, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We serve clients in Illinois and throughout the United States in matters involving commercial airline accidents. You may also review our aviation accident frequently asked questions to learn more.