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Get the care you need after a car accident

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2018 | Blog

Car accidents occur each and every day, sometimes causing massive damage and loss of life, while other times only seeming to cause damage to the vehicles. It is always good to avoid injuries in a car accident, but some accidents leave victims with injuries they do not realize they have until hours or even days after the accident takes place.

Unfortunately, if a victim does not receive proper medical care after a car accident and the injury goes undiscovered, the injury may worsen and require much more aggressive treatment.

if you or someone you love recently experienced a car accident, you should seek out medical attention as soon as you can. If a doctor finds injuries you cannot yet feel, you may avoid months of prolonged pain or even save your life.

Abdominal injuries

Abdominal injuries that do not cause pain right away are actually quite dangerous. If left untreated, they may turn fatal quickly. Commonly, delayed abdominal pain indicates either internal blood loss or damage to organs.

Blood loss is dangerous whether internal or external. Either way, the blood is draining out of the blood stream, and significant blood loss in a short enough amount of time may easily kill a person in a matter of minutes.

However, if the blood loss is not too significant, the site of the damage may develop an infection and then spread the infection to the rest of the body, which is easily fatal.

Organ damage may quickly become organ failure, which is life threatening. Without direct, immediate attention, organ failure can painfully, slowly kill a person.

Head injuries

If a person sustains a head injury, it may include a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), which is never good. A mild TBI may cause vomiting, prolonged headaches and nausea, and it may also affect the victim’s personality and mental capabilities. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, it may persist up to a year.

Neck and back injuries

Damage to the muscle groups that make up the neck and back collectively makes up what we call whiplash. Like a tough workout at the gym, whiplash may not cause pain until later that day or after a person sleeps. Once it does set in, however, it is often completely debilitating.

Similarly, if the spinal column suffers damage, it may pinch or obstruct the nerves that run through it. This may not develop for hours or days after the accident, but when it does, it amy cause numbness and tingling in a victim’s extremities, or general and radiating pain.

Be sure to seek out all the help you need to treat these injuries and understand your legal rights in the matter.