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3 interesting points about semitruck crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2017 | Blog

Semitruck crashes are often preventable events. If semitruck drivers ensure the trucks are ready to head out and that they are ready to drive, they can easily prevent some crashes. If other drivers on the road take steps to make sure that they are driving safely, accidents can be avoided.

Unfortunately, there will always be unsafe drivers on the road. Whether these are truckers or not, innocent people can suffer injuries or die because of the unsafe driving. Here are some interesting things to consider about semitruck crashes.

#1: The logo on the truck matters

When a semitruck crashes into a passenger vehicle, there is sometimes a lawsuit that comes from the incident. The logo on the semitruck could come into the picture. Under the legal concept of logo liability, there is a chance that the logo holder could be liable for any damages that occurred, even if the driver of the vehicle carrying the logo wasn’t actually an employee of the company. Because some trucking companies were skirting liability by leasing trucks with their logos to independent contractors, the court took notice and laws were established to close that loophole.

#2: Different factors contribute to crashes

There are many different factors that can come into the picture when a semitruck crash occurs. One fact to note here is that 60 percent of semitruck accidents don’t have an element of driver error. This doesn’t mean that the truck’s components or similar factors weren’t in play. In fact, load weight and balancing, as well as issues with the vehicle’s systems were all possible factors in these crashes. Driver fatigue and environmental conditions can both cause trucking crashes. In some cases, the drivers reckless driving, such as speeding, can cause accidents.

#3: Semitruck crashes are costly

On average, a semitruck crash that doesn’t lead to a fatality can cost around $62,000. When a death is involved, the actual cost is usually more than $3 million. These costs might seem extreme, but it is easy to see why they are possible when you think about the extent of injuries and damages that can occur because of these accidents.

Ultimately, all drivers need to do their part to keep people on the roadways safe. When truckers don’t drive safely, their vehicles can turn into deadly projectiles that can injure or kill. In these cases, the victims of the crash might choose to take action to recover damages they incur due to the crash.