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Factors that lead to plane crashes put lives at risk

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2017 | Blog

Aircraft are built to withstand high winds, cold and hot temperatures that vary quickly and to hold thousands of pounds of weight. They have complex electrical systems and highly trained pilots. Despite this, planes do crash often enough for those crashes to cause concern among travelers.

There are dozens of reasons why something could go wrong before, during or after a flight. Some of the possible causes of plane crashes include pilot errors, structural problems, Federal Aviation Administration regulation violations, negligence of Federal Air Traffic Controllers and faulty equipment. On-board violence and other issues may also result in a crash.

What should you do if you’re in a plane crash?

Typically, the owner of the aircraft and operator of the aircraft are held to high standards when it comes to having a duty toward their passengers. If you can show that the pilot or owner of the aircraft was negligent or reckless, then you have a solid basis for a case. You may also have a case if you can show problems with the plane’s equipment or trouble at the airport, like a runway that wasn’t long enough for the plane to land safely.

Since commercial airliners are common carriers, they are held to stricter standards than private carriers. This is something to keep in mind if you suffered an injury when riding in a private plane, since you may need more evidence of wrongdoing to file and win your case.

Victims of plane crashes have serious wounds and psychological trauma. They need medical care as soon as possible after the injury. If you get care after an injury, keep the paperwork, since the insurance carrier needs this to understand your injuries and to develop a settlement offer. Also, keep copies for an attorney, so you have doubles of all important documents ready for your claim.