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August 2013 Archives

Traffic Fatality Data Shows Improvement In 2013

Early numbers show that traffic fatalities will likely drop in 2013. After a steady decrease in deadly traffic accidents from 2005 to 2011, fatal crashes rose in 2012. Preliminary data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration led the organization to predict a 4.4 percent drop in fatalities compared to 2012. While some of that can be explained by a decrease in the total number of miles being driven, there are several potential explanations for the drop in deadly car accidents.

Will Increased Speed Limit Lead To More Accidents?

The speed limit on rural interstates in Illinois will be raised to 70 miles per hour next year. Critics of the change suggest that increased speed will inevitably lead to an increase in car accidents. A representative of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said that increased speed limits lead to people driving faster, which means that "more people will die on the roads as a result." The Illinois Department of Transportation joined state police in opposing the increase.

Safe Driving In Congested Areas - Part Two

For some, driving in traffic is a regular occurrence. For others, driving in cities or during rush hour is a nerve-wracking and unusual event. Regardless of your level of familiarity with city driving, there are several things you need to keep in mind to reduce the likelihood of a car accident. Driving in heavy traffic requires vigilance and patience. There are mental and physical challenges that can quickly lead even a good driver into serious trouble. The following tips can help you stay safe in any driving scenario.

Safe Driving In Congested Areas - Part One

Another holiday weekend is approaching. According to the AAA, the upcoming Labor Day weekend will see a spike in the number of people traveling 50 miles or more. With increased road traffic comes an increase in car accidents. Anyone planning on being on the roads from August 29 to September 2 should be prepared to deal with more congestion than normal and all the safety hazards that attend heavy traffic.

Illinois Nursing Home Care Receives Failing Grade

The nonprofit elder advocacy group Families for Better Care recently released a state-by-state review of nursing home care. The review gave letter grades to states based on federal data regarding staffing, inspection results, reported deficiencies and complaints received. For 2012, Illinois was one of eleven states to receive a failing grade in the report. In addition to Illinois, states that received failing grades were Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, New York, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas.

New Campaign To Encourage Employees To Drive Safely

The second week of October will mark the 18th annual Drive Safely Work Week. In anticipation, the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety is providing free online materials designed to help employers avoid accidents and improve safety awareness in their communities. The campaign for this year focuses on the necessary preparation for safe driving. The title of the campaign is "Gear Up For Safe Driving: Mind - Body - Vehicle."

Unintended Safety Implication Of Graduated Licensing?

Many older drivers can recall eagerly awaiting the chance to obtain a driver's license. Programs designed to reduce teen car accidents may be changing the way new drivers approach that rite of passage. The change in behavior could have safety implications. Whereas two-thirds of teens had obtained their licenses by the age of 18 a mere 20 years ago, that number has dropped to 54 percent. Teens are waiting longer than ever to get their driver's license. That delay may rob them of many of the intended benefits of graduated licensing programs.

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