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Can Technology Solve The Problem Of Distracted Driving

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2012 | Distracted Driving

Putting a stop to texting and driving is a top priority among many safety experts. Several devices claim to be able to prevent people from engaging in this form of distracted driving. A device developed at an Indian university is taking the fight against texting and driving to a new level.

The device, known as a cell phone accident preventer (CAP), is supposed to block cell phone signals and alert the police and the public if the driver attempts to use his or her cell phone discreetly. The vehicle license plate information would be stored in the device and sent to receivers on the road, which would in turn report the driver to police. Finally, the device would give an audible tone meant to inform any passengers in the vehicle that the driver is using a cell phone.

The CAP device is still in the testing phase and no plans have been made to release it commercially. The creators of the device say that it was designed to stop the 20 percent of deadly car crashes among trucks and heavy vehicles that are attributed to cell phone use. While the problem of distracted driving is serious, it is not clear if such a device would be legal or practical in the United States.

Source: Wired, “Device Jams Drivers’ Phone Signals, Alerts Police, Public and Passengers,” by Doug Newcomb, 20 July 2012