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NTSB Releases Tour Helicopter Crash Information

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2012 | Aviation

On December 8, we blogged about a tragic helicopter crash that claimed the lives of four passengers and the pilot who were on route to the Hoover Dam. The National Transportation Safety Board has now opened the public docket concerning this tragic aviation accident. While the docket does not contain the NTSB analysis of the crash, it does contain numerous photographs and documents that shed further light on the events surrounding the deadly incident.

The NTSB will continue to update the docket as the investigation progresses. Once the file is complete, the NTSB will issue a final report that includes its conclusions regarding the probable cause of the crash.

The attorneys at Rapoport Law Offices, P.C. have represented aircraft disaster victims and their families throughout the United States, including representing victims of tour aviation crashes and helicopter accidents. We understand what the families of these victims are going through.

The information provided by the NTSB is complex and touches on a number of specialized areas of aviation. The evidence in a case like this requires expert analysis and significant experience to understand.

Source: NTSB Press Release, “NTSB Opens Docket on Tour Helicopter Crash in Nevada,” 15 June 2012