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Over the Counter Medication Recall

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2012 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

Consumers should always be on the lookout for announced recalls. Every year, countless people are injured by defective toys, tools, vehicles, food, drugs and other consumer goods. When a product is found to be dangerous, most companies will take the proper steps to limit their liability. While recalls generally come too late for some consumers, others can be protected if they exercise vigilance.

If you have been the victim of a defective drug or other product, it is important to report the matter and seek proper compensation. Unreported injuries and illnesses allow companies to get away with sub-standard production practices. The sooner dangerous products are removed, the fewer people will be harmed. You help to protect yourself and the community by acting quickly to address a defective product.

Source: Pioneer Press, “Novartis recalls Excedrin, NoDoz, Bufferin, Gas-X Prevention over reports of plant malfunction,” 9 January 2012