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Worker Killed in Construction Zone Accident

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2011 | Construction Negligence

A 28 year-old contract worker was hit and killed by a truck in a Will County construction zone this weekend. The driver of the semi tractor truck was issued a citation in connection with the fatal construction accident. Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding this tragic accident.

The victim was a contract worker for the Illinois Department of Transportation. He was working on the resurfacing of Illinois Highway 171 near Lockport when the accident occurred. He had just stepped out of his truck when a semi with a dump trailer attachment backed into him. He was declared dead at a Joliet hospital less than an hour later. Investigators are not sure what caused the man to leave his vehicle.

The citation received by the driver of the second vehicle was for improper backing. The Department of Transportation released a statement expressing their condolences to the man’s family and reaffirming their commitment to safety. Despite their reassurances, construction workers still face significant risk of injury while on the job. Construction sites are often dangerous places where workers are exposed to heavy equipment and difficult work conditions.

While this accident is still being investigated, it is clear that this tragedy could have been avoided. More effort should be made to protect construction workers and ensure that they have the benefit of a safe work environment, proper equipment and proper training. Without that effort, more workers will suffer the same fate as this man.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Road worker killed when truck backs over him in Will County,” by Liam Ford, 30 September 2011