$2.7 Million Settlement in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against an Illinois Neurosurgeon

February 27, 1995

The medical malpractice lawyers at Rapoport Law Offices, P.C., obtained a $2.7 million settlement for a partial quadriplegic in a medical malpractice case in Rockford, Illinois, against a neurosurgeon. The patient suffered interlocked facets on two cervical vertebrae in an auto accident. After the facets did not unlock with traction, the neurosurgeon performed a surgical reduction. However, during this procedure a herniated disk that was not diagnosed before the surgery pressed into the patient's spinal cord leaving him a partial quadriplegic. The patient claimed medical malpractice occurred, as the herniated disk should have been diagnosed before the surgery, and if it had been it would have been removed before the interlocked facets were surgically reduced. The neurosurgeon argued the standard of care was followed in all respects and what happened was a bad result that was not anyone's fault. David E. Rapoport, lead counsel for the plaintiff, revealed that the insurance limit was only $3 million.

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