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When a motorcycle crashes, many people instinctively blame the rider. However, drivers of motorcycles have the same rights as drivers of automobiles and other motor vehicles, and they enjoy the same right to seek compensation for injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident resulting from negligence or misconduct.

At the Chicago law firm of Rapoport Law Offices, P.C., our personal injury lawyers help motorcycle riders after accidents, seeking payment for damages and expenses such as past and future income loss, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other costs of a crash. Our law firm has the resources to take motorcycle accident cases as far as needed to secure fair verdicts or settlements for injured clients. As trial lawyers, we are always prepared to go to court to obtain the payment a client needs.

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We also handle wrongful death cases for the families of riders who died in motorcycle crashes. Riders are far more vulnerable to injury than drivers or passengers in cars or trucks; there is no protective structure around them. A motorcycle rider is very exposed, making the injuries suffered in an accident far more severe than they would have been if the vehicle had been a car.

Information About Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Chicago

People injured in motorcycle accidents often suffer devastating injuries, including:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Lacerations and other skin injuries
  • Burns
  • Multiple fractures

Because they are often thrown from the cycle or dragged by the other vehicle, victims of motorcycle crashes often suffer severe road rash, a term for the skin injury characterized by many pebbles and gravel being embedded in the skin. This is a remarkably painful condition that requires multiple treatments over the course of many weeks or months.

Calculating the Value of an Accident

We consult accident reconstructionists, measure skid marks, photograph the scene of the accident and interview witnesses. We consult with medical specialists to understand fully the extent of the person's injuries and the effect upon his or her life, career and family. We ask life care planners and vocational specialists to provide estimates of the cost of care and whether our client will be able to return to work. The contributions of these experts allow our attorneys to determine the full value of a motorcycle injury.

To speak with one of our Chicago, Illinois, motorcycle accident lawyers, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We represent clients from cities throughout Illinois. You may also review our representative cases pages to learn about motor vehicle accident cases.