Medical Malpractice and Cerebral Palsy Attorneys in Illinois

Medical Malpractice and Cerebral Palsy Attorneys in Illinois

Cerebral palsy is the name given to a range of neurological disorders that harm a person's ability to control movement. It is the result of damage to the brain, which is often the result of mistakes made during birth or prenatal care.

At Rapoport Law Offices, P.C., our lawyers represent individuals and families who have suffered due to negligent medical care. Medical malpractice claims can be complex and require the care and attention of highly skilled professionals. Over the years, we have won numerous jury verdicts and obtained large settlements for people who have been harmed by medical malpractice.

Living with Cerebral Palsy

Whatever the cause of cerebral palsy, for victims and their families, the result will be substantial medical costs and physical effects that alter the course of their lives. When cerebral palsy is caused by negligence on the part of doctors, nurses or other health care providers, it is important to seek full compensation to cover past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, disability, lost earning capacity and long-term care costs. In many cases, necessary caretaking and medical expenses alone will be in the millions of dollars. Accordingly, if a loved one has cerebral palsy as a result of medical malpractice, you need highly skilled and knowledgeable attorneys to represent you and ensure your rights are being fully protected.

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