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Parents seldom expect something to go wrong when a baby is born. When the baby's health is compromised by medical negligence or malpractice, parents often wonder about their options. At Rapoport Law Offices, P.C., our Chicago lawyers advise parents and represent them and their children in legal claims that seek maximum compensation for all harms caused through fault.

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Examples of Our Birth Injury Cases in Chicago

We help parents whose babies suffered birth injuries such as:

Chicago Delivery Room Error Attorneys to Help

Although some birth injuries are the result of negligence during the labor and delivery process, others may be the consequence of negligent prenatal care, such as failing to order the appropriate tests. A failure to monitor the progress of labor or intervene in a timely way when a baby is in distress during delivery can lead to serious injury or death. Whatever the cause, our attorneys are able to develop strong cases that may give parents the resources they need to care for an injured or disabled child.

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Protecting Your Child's Future

If a baby is severely disabled as a result of a birth injury, parents will need considerable resources to care for that child. In some instances, the child will require care and treatment throughout his or her lifetime. When we obtain a jury verdict or settlement, our lawyers are able to obtain a monetary fund that can support the care the child will need, even after his or her parents are gone. It gives parents great peace of mind to know their disabled child will have the resources he or she needs. Moreover, full, fair and adequate damages in cases like these include proper compensation for a lifetime of pain and suffering, and a proper settlement or verdict can make a big difference in the quality of life and opportunities for such a child.

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