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Workplace Accidents Involving Defective Equipment or Negligent Operation

Many jobs require the use of some form of equipment. Professionals in the construction, engineering and aviation fields regularly work with complicated or dangerous machines. When the equipment we rely on is negligently constructed, maintained or operated, the results can be catastrophic. At Rapoport Law Offices, P.C., we represent injured individuals and the loved ones of those killed in equipment-related accidents. If you need experienced representation after an equipment accident, call -877-216-4213 or contact our attorneys online for a no-obligation consultation. We represent clients throughout Illinois in serious equipment accident cases.

Heavy Machinery and Fatal Workplace Accidents in Illinois

Equipment failures pose a high risk of serious or fatal injuries. Our lawyers assist clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI), burns, disfigurement, amputation or severing injuries, crushing injuries, spinal cord damage and paralysis. These injuries often require lifelong medical care and involve enormous medical costs. We help our clients seek maximum compensation for past and future medical bills, lost income, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, and other damages associated with catastrophic injuries. In addition, we help the families of fatal equipment accident victims obtain proper compensation for loss of companionship, lost earnings, medical costs and any other damages they have a right to collect.

Holding a negligent party responsible for wrongdoing is about more than compensation. Negligence threatens workers and others in the community every day. By upholding safety standards and forcing negligent parties to take responsibility for their actions, you help enforce safety guidelines and protect others from suffering the same harm you did.

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