Attorneys Handling Helicopter Crash Cases in Illinois and the Entire United States

Helicopters are the ultimate urban aircraft. They can fly where regular airplanes cannot, making them ideal for monitoring rush hour traffic, landing on top of buildings and serving as air ambulances. They are able to operate in close quarters and do not require the large amount of space that a commercial airliner or cargo jet needs to take off and land.

Because of this, both people and property nearby as well as passengers and crew can be affected by a helicopter crash. Helicopters involve special dangers. For example, in one helicopter case the attorneys at Rapoport Law Offices, P.C., tried, a jury held a helicopter pilot and the air ambulance company he worked for liable for the wrongful death of a hospital security guard. The hospital security guard violated hospital policy when he helped the helicopter crew on the helipad while the helicopter engine and rotors were spinning. After the helicopter was started, the guard was wheeling the auxiliary power unit back to the hangar, a path taking him behind the helicopter, when he inadvertently struck his head against the spinning tail rotor. After our lawyers proved the spinning tail rotor could not be seen at night, the jury agreed. It decided that the helicopter pilot was in charge of the operation and therefore more at fault for the accident than the security guard.

Attorneys Who Focus on Aviation Accidents

As aviation law attorneys, we have handled numerous aviation crash and accident cases, winning significant awards for clients at trial or during settlement negotiations. Known as trial lawyers, we have the experience and knowledge needed to build strong cases for clients who lost a loved one in a helicopter accident or were injured themselves. We are well-versed in the insurance issues surrounding helicopter crashes, which is an important consideration in cases where insurance coverage may be limited.

Factors in Helicopter Crash Cases

We handle helicopter accident cases arising from:

  • Poor maintenance
  • Pilot error
  • Weather
  • Manufacturing and design defects
  • Pad operator errors

Lawyers Handling Sightseeing Aircraft Crashes and Other Types of Helicopter Accidents

The helicopters involved in accidents range from sightseeing aircraft to air ambulances, air taxis and traffic helicopters. Our attorneys investigate the causes of the helicopter crash and document the consequences of the crash to our client. In addition to one of our lawyers who is a former NTSB deputy director, we also consult extensively with experts and specialists of all kinds to create a compelling argument for compensation.

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