Aviation Accident Injuries: Justice Starts Here

Serving Illinois and the Entire United States in Plane Crash Cases

The attorneys at Rapoport Law Offices, P.C., represent aircraft disaster victims and their families throughout the United States. We have also served as advocates for airplane crew members and their families. Our cases have involved all types of aircraft, including commercial, corporate and recreational airplanes. We have a remarkable record of accomplishment in aviation accident cases and have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for clients' losses and damages.

Practical Knowledge of the Aviation Industry

One reason for our success is the in-depth knowledge of our attorneys. Our firm's leadership role in numerous air disaster cases and track record of success in aviation settlements and trials demonstrate this. In addition, one of our attorneys is a former deputy director of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is the government agency that investigates and determines the probable cause of most crashes in the United States involving aircraft. Our qualifications and experience allow us to provide clients with outstanding representation and advocacy.

Aviation Cases

Our legal team has handled aircraft cases involving:


In matters such as these, we rely on our lawyers' extensive knowledge of airplane safety rules, operating procedures and the mechanics of aviation. We are able to build strong cases for the families of crash victims, airplane crew members and ground personnel injured or killed in aviation accidents. Clients in aviation cases have included people injured in accidents, family members of those killed in accidents, estates of people killed in crashes, crew members and their families.

Wrongful Death is a Focus of Our Plane Crash Attorneys

Because so many aviation cases involve fatalities, it is important to work with an attorney who understands the different state rules governing eligibility to file wrongful death claims. Our attorneys handle fatal aviation cases throughout the United States and know the relevant laws of each state.*

For information about our Chicago aviation accident attorneys, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We invite you to review our aviation accident frequently asked questions to learn more about aviation accidents.

Aviation Safety Advocacy

In addition to representing the victims of aviation accidents, our attorneys are advocates for improved aviation safety. For example, our advocacy has led us to join the NTSB in calling on the Federal Aviation Administration to abandon the infant seat exception. By allowing children under 2 to ride on their parents' laps, the FAA has enabled needless and senseless deaths and injuries. Parents have been misled into believing their children are safe because the FAA allows infants to fly unrestrained. Babies should be required to have a seat and age-appropriate restraints, just like every other passenger.

The NTSB states, "Protecting your child while traveling doesn't stop at the airport boarding gate. Use an approved child safety seat during the flight as well. This is the airline safety portion of the Child Passenger Safety video." You can watch the video here.

View David Rapoport's PowerPoint presentation as a panel member at the CBA regarding the issue of Child Safety Seats on Airplanes.

Learn more about the airline cases we have handled.

*Our firm has attorneys licensed in Illinois and New York. However, we have frequently been admitted to practice "pro hac vice" in other states in aviation cases. Pro hac vice is a Latin term literally translated meaning "for this turn." It is a legal term referring to a lawyer who has not been admitted to practice in a certain jurisdiction but has been allowed to participate in a particular case in that jurisdiction.