Presentation by David Rapoport and Jim Wren at ABA Roundtable on Legal Specialization

April 1, 2011

Document: "Presentation by David Rapoport and Jim Wren at ABA Roundtable on Legal Specialization"

By David Rapoport and Jim Wren

Delivered at the 2011 American Bar Association National Specialization roundtable, this presentation analyzes the objectives, history and current status of legal board certification in the United States. The presentation covers the importance of creating and maintaining a uniform method of certification that would provide the public with a reliable means of finding attorneys who are highly qualified in the relevant field of inquiry. The presentation discusses the benefits, both to the public and to those in the legal profession, of the development of reliable certifying organizations. In addition, the presentation covers potential challenges to the development of successful board certification programs. The presentation explores the current state of legal board certification and seeks ways to expand the acceptance of certification as a way to demonstrate skill and experience in various fields of law.