Lawsuit Filed After Dangerous Utility-Task Vehicle Rolls Over and Shatters Teenager’s Leg

September 24, 2015

Rapoport Weisberg & Sims P.C. recently filed suit against numerous adults who handed over the keys to a dangerous piece of farm equipment to two teenagers without driver's licenses, one of whom was seriously injured after the vehicle rolled over at high speeds. The lawsuit alleges that the adult defendants encouraged the two teenagers to go joyriding in the Utility Task Vehicle without any instruction and warnings from the manufacturer that only trained and licensed drivers should operate the vehicle that was capable of traveling in excess of 50 mph. The lawsuit further alleges that in addition to violating the manufacturer's warnings, the owner of the vehicle also modified it so that it could travel even faster than the speeds limited by the manufacturer. As a result of the lack of training and dangerous speeds, the Utility Task Vehicle rolled over during a turn, ejecting the teenager passenger and rolling over her leg with the vehicle, causing serious injuries. The lawsuit is seeking damages for pain, suffering, medical bills, and the future limitations that the young passenger will endure as a result of her injuries.