David E. Rapoport Authors "Trial and Evidentiary Considerations in Wrongful Death Actions" Chapter for the 2011 Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education

June 1, 2011

The Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education has once again asked David Rapoport to author its chapter on Wrongful-Death and Survival Actions in Illinois. According to IICLE's website, the article is summarized as follows:

"With high monetary stakes for plaintiffs and the looming threat of exposure to defendants, wrongful-death actions and survival actions present practitioners with several unique challenges. Superimposed over the standard litigation framework is a myriad of additional pleading requirements, elements, and defenses as well as procedural, evidentiary, and strategic considerations. The 2011 Edition of WRONGFUL-DEATH AND SURVIVAL ACTION IN ILLINOIS offers advice on all the nuances particular to these practice areas, with thorough, up-to-date guidance from authors on both sides of the litigation fence. This edition also includes more than 20 forms that can be easily adapted for immediate use in your practice."