David E. Rapoport and Matthew S. Sims Published on the Importance of Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVRs) in Aviation Disaster Litigation

June 24, 2019

Partners David E. Rapoport and Matthew S. Sims were recently published on the importance of cockpit voice recorders (CVRs) in aviation disaster litigation in the Issues in Aviation Law and Policy Journal. The article tells the story of the recently litigated crash of US Airways Flight 1702, while proposing changes to the nearly 30 year old federal legislation that shrouds CVR recordings in secrecy and prevents their full access by victims' attorneys, safety advocates, Congress, and the public. The article is available here: Cockpit Voice Recorder Audio Evidence is Centrally Important in Civil Litigation and Discoverable under 49 U.S.C. § 1154: The Flight 1702 Example.